An MSer Typical Summer Vacations


An MSer Typical Summer Vacations

Summer vacations, the long-awaited short period of time, that we desperately need after months of hard work, stressful situations and daily challenges. Despite the Covid-19 restrictions, friends, families plan their summer vacations with a lot of enthusiasm and expectations, but I’m not.

The annual vacations feels like a long or extended weekend. To be honest, my weekends looks like any regular day. I still wake up at the same time, keep the usual daily routine, except that during the summer vacation, I like to learn a new skill or tool. 


… during the summer vacations, I do what I like and enjoy…


I do not necessarily have a long-term vision of the application for these tools. I enjoy experimenting with new tools and ideas and examine what’s going on, I might stumble on a treasure.

My current vacations objectives includes learning about video editing, 3D modeling and UX Design prototyping tools. A long list you might say, but I planned to dedicate at least 5 days for each subject, and later focus on the one that inspires me the most.

Out of all my last year’s vacations experiments, MS TROLL was the best achievement I could concretely put in place.

But, shouldn’t I go out, experiment different situations and explore new places?

Yes, definitely! 


I tend to look for the physically less demanding activities…


However, I tend to look for the physically less demanding activities, which simply limits my chances for a new and enjoyable experience, especially the human ones.

I usually experience an inspiration burst whenever I go out, or take the train or even when I’m at the dentist.I can then, read as much as I would like, I can write about almost anything in my mind, and think about new projects and endeavors. Then, why I’m stuck in my static uninspiring cocoon?

I might be simply a lazy person, but I do like and most of all to keep things going at a slow pace, to keep almost everything under control or in the most stable state possible. 


…both my overall body time reaction and sensitivity to touch decreases…


As you know, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) symptoms impact amplifies with the heat in general. During the summer, especially thought hot days, both my overall body time reaction and sensitivity to touch decreases. In the other hands, my hands tingling is much more noticeable. I feel like my hands have been inflated. The hot and humid weather tends to push my body to run in a slower pace, and It’s not always easy to always walk in the shadows of the buildings or trees.

Which brings us to how I keep myself hydrated during hot days. I simply don’t go around with a water bottle, I either drink enough hours before I go out or when I come back. I prefer to manage my water intakes instead of any bladder issues. It’s especially and surprisingly during such critical moment, that the pants buttons get stuck, and it sucks!

In the other hand, I might miss some amazing experiences to not only discover new people and places, but also to unleash my own facets, limits and empowering objectives.

What about you, do you have any summer vacations plans? And can I join?