My Daily Life with MS, Plans And Schedules


My Daily Life with MS, Plans And Schedules

I have never had any specific planning routine for each of my daily life tasks, but thanks to MS, I was able to grow the need to strategically plan any “expedition” outside my close quarter and organize my activities into plans and schedules. It might look paranoiac at some point but the feeling of a subtle control over the situation brings the boosting confidence and energy to go on and forward. Thinking about several tactics in case of any bowl emergency or extreme and sudden fatigue for example, is not a bad idea after all… 


It might look paranoiac at some point but…


Managing time and resources became a huge issue at the begging of my diagnosis. I had to organize my daily and weekly life, primarily, around my 3 weekly Rebif* injections as they are the priority to care about.

Next, I had to reevaluate my food quality and quantity in the best way possible for me to keep a balanced and healthy life style. Counting my daily water supply was part of the routine. As my unstable bowl failed me once, I didn’t want to repeat the experience again and I can’t carry a hoodie in my backpack to cover the proof, whenever I go out.

My new and small life style tactics helped me regain a balanced sleeping schedule. With at least 6 hours of continuous sleep*, this small change alone had great impact on my daily life. I had not only more energy the next day but I also got used to wake up early and gained 2 hours in the early morning. A time I could enjoy and exploit either reading for relaxing. 


…such long and recurring tasks can become stressful…


But there’s another face to the coin, planning such long and recurring tasks can become stressful and can turn into a nightmare, especially when something unexpected just runs amuck in a perfect chaos.

Seeing and living with everything crumbling around me, in addition to the feeling of failure can become a tremendous burden, that usually takes me a couple of days to recover from.

Those small bumps along the round can turn into an exponential roller-coaster, especially if it happens during one of those days where everything from within and around you seems to be in a worsening tango dance.

That said, realizing that the difficulties and never ending challenges of MS are here to stay, makes me do my best to look for and find the best way possible to live the best life I can. So far, the journey is not disappointing, what about yours?