The MS Symptoms & Russian Roulette Risk

The MS Symptoms & Russian Roulette Risks


You can ask any MSer about their MS symptoms, and you can be almost certain to hear several descriptions. Even though our symptoms perception might differ, we do face the same sudden and irreversible nature of MS symptoms. This specific nature makes any new relapse outcome looks like a new round at a Russian roulette, and it is not exciting at all.


…the insecurity becomes heavier than living and struggling with a relapse itself…


The gambling tension and insecurity rises whenever I notice something unusual. As a relapse might be casting its shadow, the insecurity becomes heavier than living and struggling with a relapse itself. That said, as I read and learn more about MS, I became more aware and conscious of what might be a symptom or not.

I noticed that too much activity or stressing situations might aggravate my overall condition, and I can concretely feel it in a couple of hours. 


…whatever helps me evacuate the pressure…


Lucky, I’m able now to take preventive measures, that help me lessen any stressing situation’ impact, especially at work. I go out for short breaks, I listen or watch short and funny videos. I can even call some old friends or family members. In fact, whatever helps me evacuate the pressure I might be in.

I even added an hourly Google Calendar “Break” reminder, just in case I get overwhelmed by work.

The feeling of playing at a Russian Roulette is always present, but at least, I can adjust some elements around me to keep my fears in control, and do I really need to remind myself about an upcoming relapse? No!

Don’t you agree?