Multiple Sclerosis & Covid-19, The Uncertainty…


Should I fear a Covid-19 infection? Does my treatment makes me vulnerable and prone to Covid-19 infection? How will Covid-19 affects my daily life?
These are some questions that crossed my mind as the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic spread around the world. Despite all 2020’s political crisis and natural catastrophes, the Covid-19 pandemic is undeniably the major event that will keep it’s scares in people’s minds, for a long time, due to it’s social, economic and political shock-waves, but also as a highly mediatized pandemic affecting millions around the world, in what looks like a long and unpredictable hit-and-run here and there, but what does it mean for MSers anyway?

… what does it mean for MSers anyway?


As the Covid-19 pandemic bits of news started to circulate, especially via social media, during the first months of 2020, I started to receive short videos from friends, family members about how to boost my immune system, get ready to face this ramping virus. I ended up receiving links to YouTube videos of many gurus reveling some homemade potions, drinks, miraculous and simple pocket solutions and whatnot to keep me protected and safe. By the way, most of the persons sharing these videos with me, don’t know about my MS, but that’s another story, for another day, isn’t it?


… most of the persons sharing these videos with me, don’t know about my MS,
but that’s another story, for another day, isn’t it?


I realized that I kind of went through most of these miraculous solutions during my quest for a better or more balanced diet plan. I didn’t grasp at the time that those miraculous immune system boosting potions were maybe ineffective since my MS treatment is a Disease Modifying Therapy (DMT)*, wish basically modulate my immune system response. At some point, I convinced myself that these natural potions will help me regulate my immune system, but I ended up abandoning what felt like futile attempts. Even if those potions aren’t as effective as advertised, they probably kept some people in a comfort zone and maybe in the illusion that it’ll help them face the Covid-19 infection.

As time goes by and as the lock-down seems to be never ending, I started crawling the web looking for precious information* about what a Covid-19 + MS might result in and how been under a DMT might affect my immune response to Covid-19*, if I ever get to be infected.

While the world was desperately looking for different drugs combinations, of already approved medication that might help treating Covid-19 patients, I stamped upon an article* about a clinical trial including the DMT I’m using, the Interferon Beta-1a Rebif*, which for some reason made me feel comfortable.

And of course, many politicians and government officials started to celebrate a future Covid-19 vaccine, that will liberate us all from the unprecedented pandemic, minimizing how long clinical trial should take*, if not deliberately or inadvertently neglecting them… But everything seemed to go as planned until the recent news report of the AstraZeneca/Oxford University Phase 3 COVID-19 Vaccine Trial been paused since one of the volunteers, developed Transverse Myelitis* and later turned to be an undiagnosed case of Multiple Sclerosis, unrelated to the vaccine*


… What if it’s mandatory?


This trial report made me wonder if I Should take the vaccine? When? What if it’s mandatory? Of course I’ll discuss it with my neurologist, but do we have enough data and statistics to take the right decision. These questions cross the minds of different chronic diseases patients around the world, and MSers aren’t any different.

The Covid-19 is definitely a mandatory exercise for us all, right now, all we can do is to take the necessary precautions, monitor our health situation, wait and see.