Hello fellow MSer to my Bio page!

Long story short, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis during the 2013 spring, meanwhile, my first symptoms started to fire up during 2012. From loss of sensibility, to blurry vision and the unbeatable "MS hug".

Since then, I somehow took a neutral yet defensive position dealing with MS, and decided to stay in my improvised and comfy trench, tracking any new symptoms, managing the medicine side effects and doing my best to keep a healthy lifestyle, as you probably did. As one of many MS "collateral damage" I had to give up on many personal projects -that I used to call dreams at the time- and concealed myself in my work as Graphic Designer.

As time goes by and thanks to MS, I started to find myself in ironic and somehow funny situations, and the idea to transcribe those moments that millions of MSers are sharing together started to grow up and evolve to what will become MS Troll.

MS Troll is a way to face and somehow to "tame" my MS by igniting those neurons of mine in a creative manner, but also a challenge to the mood swing periods which usually have a tandem dance with procrastination and fatigue. But let's troll MS this time!

By the way, my name's Toufik, a proud MSer just like you!


MS Troll is dedicated of those, whom Multiple Sclerosis changed the life and the life of their loved ones. As an Mser myself, I couldn't help myself from developing a sarcastic vision of MS, maybe in an effort to bring some positive note to this whole play.

Sarcasm, irony, are going to be to main spice of this journey, but making you and myself smile together is for sure MS Troll goal.

Let me introduce MS Troll characters:

Rose's name root is from Multiple Scle"Rose"is and Clee name's name root is from  Multiple S"Clee"rosis. Far-fetched, some would say, and if by any chance you are or you know an Mser with these names, tell them how much I care about them!

And then there's the Troll, MS, aka "The Slug", an uninvited guest who decided one day to slide in our life and is just difficult to catch, at this point.
MS Troll will do its best to keep you entrained during our MS journey, wishing you all the best.